Folding bed or cot

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  • Publication Date: August 29, 1893
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2 Sheets-.-Sheet 1. (No Model.) (l. S. DAVIS. FOLDING BED 0R GOT; No. 504,202. K Patented A-ug. 29,1893, CZ K I I; r A HMIMH (7 F- P I u K cm 0 9f"? f" v\/ N INVENTIj 7c7a ww .HTTYEI- -2 SheetsSheet U. S. DAVIS. FOLDING BED OR COT. (No Model.) " ATT'YE. UNIT D STATES PATENT OFFICE. CHARLES s. DAVIS, OF WELLFLEET, MASSACHUSETTS. FOLDING BED OR COT. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters ratent No. 504,202, dated August 29,1893. Application filed October 3,1892. Serial 11,447,595. momma.) To all whom it may concern.- Be it known that 1, CHARLES S. DAVIS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Wellfleet, in the county of Barnstable and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Folding Beds or Cots, of which the following, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification. My invention relates more particularly to portable folding beds or cots and has forits object to furnish a bed or cot which shall be light and which, when not in use, can be made compact and which shall also be easy to set up and be found strong and durable when in use. My invention consists essentially in certain novel features and adjustments which are fully set forth in the detailed description hereinafter given. 7 In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a cot embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a side elevation, showing the legs and braces folded, preparatory to unstretching the mattress. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the cot showing the side rails before they have been brought into position. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan View, showing the cot ready to be rolled up or folded. The bed or cot is provided with suitable. end rails or pieces, B, B, to which is attached, in any fitting manner, awire mattress adapted to be rolled or folded about said rails, the mattress being held in place by the cleats, d, d, as represented, or in any other suitable manner. I Pivotally attached to the end rails are braces, 12, b, for holding the legs, E, E, in place, being provided for that purpose with slots, 8, s, for engaging the pins, 1), p, on said legs. Also pivotallyunited to the under side of the aforesaid end rails by means of the holes, is, k, and the locking bolts, K, K, are sectional side bars, 0, 0, whereby the latter can be freely turned in a substantially horizontal plane out from or longitudinally against said end rails and from their position below the end rails, furnish a substantial support to the latter when the cot is in use. Upon the outside face of each of the sectional side bars, 0, 0, adjacent to the end rail is pivoted a leg, E, which can be turned so as to lie against the said face of the side bar or at right angles thereto, being retained in the latter position by the locking arm, 0, referred to hereinafter. Passing through the two forward holes, 10, k, of the sectional side bars, are the bolts, K, K, by means of one of whichthere is pivotally attached to said sectional side bars a detachable stretching link bar, D,the bolt, K, near the outer end of the side bar serving to hold the said link bar in position when the two bars have been broughtinto alignment for the purpose hereinafter set forth. The link bar, D, is detachably pivoted to each of the sectional side bars upon one side of the cot and is provided with two holes, 70, k for the locking bolts, K, K, which hold the bars in alignment, when brought into position and together constitute the side rail of the bed or cot. Pivoted to the outer side faces of the link bars, near the extremitiesjof the same, are the locking arms, 0, 0, above referred to, which by means of the slot at the free end, engage the pin, 10, upon the leg E, and when not in use fold up against the outer face of the link bar. Awire mattress is best adapted for my bed or c0t,-as in its use in camp, where the bed is liable to become wet or damp, it will not absorb moisture or shrink as in the case of an ordinary mattress and thereby necessitate a readjustment of the length of the side bars. In use, the mattress is unrolled and the sectional side rails adjusted with their outer unattached ends away from the mattress, as shown in Fig. 3. The link bars, D, D, are pivoted to them and then drawn or pushed toward each other,until the adjacent sectional side bars are brought into alignment with them, respectively, thus drawing the mat tress taut. In this position it' is held permanently by locking the sectional side bars to the link bars by the two center bolts, K, K; then the legs are turned down and locked in position by the adjacent locking arms and braces. Having thus described in detail the construction in which I practically carry out my improvement, I will now particularly point out in claims those features which I deem to be new and desire to protect by Letters Patent. I claimas bolts for retaining the stretching linkbars' and adjacent sections of the side bars in position and legs pivotally attached to said sectional side bars with braces and locking arms for the same, as and for the purposes set forth. 2. In a folding cot or bed, such as described viz;one having its side bars in section pivotally attached to the adjacent end rails-a stretching link-bar pivoted to the adjacent sections of a sidebar, for unitingand bringing .into alignment said sections, by a lateral movement thereof asset forth, withboltspassing through the side bar sections and the linkbar to hold saidsections and said link-bar in alignment, substantiallyas described. As an article of manufacture a folding cot'or bed containing the following detach-- able parts; head and foot rails with a mattress united thereto, side bars made in sections, detachably united to said head and foot trails, and stretchinglink-bars detachably united to said side-bar sections, said side and stretching link bars being adapted, when attached as shown, to move laterally insubstantially parallel, horizontal planes, all as and for the purposes set forth. 4. In a bed frame having its side bars in sections, whichare attached to the adjacent end rails, and move laterally about the same, a stretching link-bar, uniting said sections and moving in a plane substantially parallel thereto, whereby the saidside bar sections are moved laterally into alignment and the end rails spread apart, substantially as described, 5. In a cot bed the combination, end rails, a mattress attached thereto, sectional side bars :att-ached tosaidend rails=and stretching link-bars attached to the adjacent side-bar section, all of said bars being constructed to move in substantially parallel horizontal planes, as and forthe purposes set forth. Signedat Boston, Massachusetts, this 28th dayofSeptember, A. D. 1892. CHARLES :S. DAVIS. Witnesses: H. H. NEWTON, J. FosrER BIscoE.



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