Bicyclette pliante

Folding bicycle

Faltbares fahrrad


Allows a convenient, simple and compact folding, without requiring to remove any of the wheels, while occupying a minimal space in its maximum folded position. The folding bicycle (1) of the invention is characterised in that: the bar (11) has two articulation points (F1, F2), where each of said articulation points (F1, F2) has its own axis of rotation (A1, A2); the folding means comprise a pair of hinged attachments (110A, 110B), integrated in the bar (11) and connected to each of the articulation points (F1, F2); and where the pair of hinged attachments (110A, 110B) are separated from each other by a distance (D) in the longitudinal sense of the bar (11), at a position opposite to and facing each other.




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