Procédé d'estimation d'une plage de véhicule électrique résiduelle

Schätzverfahren für die verbleibende reichweite eines elektrofahrzeugs

Estimation method of a residual electric vehicle range


Estimation method of a residual electric vehicle range, the vehicle having a battery pack and at least an electric motor cooperating with a vehicle transmission, the method comprising in a cyclic succession: acquisition of a residual energy (E), calculation of a residual range (A_R) as the ratio given by said residual energy (E) divided by a predetermined kilometric consumption coefficient (DK) and calculation of a residual discharge time (R) of the vehicle batteries as the ratio of said residual range (A_R) divided by a vehicle speed (S), identification of a corrective parameter (K) of said residual energy value (E) and function of said residual discharge time (R), acquisition of said residual energy (E) and correction of the same by means of said corrective parameter (K).




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