Leistungsempfangsvorrichtung, leistungsübertragungsvorrichtung und leistungsübertragungssystem

Dispositif de réception d'énergie, dispositif de transmission de puissance et système de transfert de puissance

Power reception device, power transmission device and power transfer system


A power reception device includes: a vehicle-side resonant portion (27) mounted on a vehicle and resonating, through an electromagnetic field, with a facility-side resonant portion provided in an external facility; and a vehicle-side support (46) including a first support member (49) supporting the vehicle-side resonant portion (27), and a second support member (48) spaced apart from the vehicle-side resonant portion (27) and supporting the first support member (49), wherein a dielectric tangent of the first support member (49) is smaller than a dielectric tangent of the second support member (48).




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