Ti-al-basiertes, wärmebeständiges element

Élément résistant à la chaleur à base de ti-al

Ti-Al-based heat-resistant member


The present invention relates to a Ti-Al-based heat-resistant member including a Ti-Al-based alloy which includes: 28.0 mass% to 35.0 mass% of Al; 1.0 mass% to 15.0 mass% of at least one selected from the group consisting ofNb, Mo, W and Ta; 0.1 mass% to 5.0 mass% of at least one selected from the group consisting of Cr, Mn and V; and 0.1 mass% to 1.0 mass% of Si, with the balance being Ti and unavoidable impurities, in which a whole or a part of a surface of the Ti-Al-based heat-resistant member includes a hardened layer as a surface layer, the hardened layer having a higher hardness than an inside of the Ti-Al-based heat-resistant member, and the Ti-Al-based heat-resistant member has a hardness ratio (a hardness of the surface layer / a hardness of the inside) of 1.4 to 2.5.




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