System für ein elektronisches Regaletikett, Gateway, elektronisches Regaletikett und Verfahren zum Betrieb eines Systems für ein elektronisches Regaletikett

Système pour étiquette de rayon électronique, étiquette de rayon électronique et procédé de fonctionnement de système d'étiquette de rayon électronique

System for electronic shelf label, gateway, electronic shelf label and method of operating system for electronic shelf label


The present invention relates to a system for an electronic shelf label, a gateway, an electronic shelf label, and a method of operating a system for an electronic shelf label including: a segment display unit consisting of segments; and a driver operated according to driving pattern data and individually turning on or off the respective segments, wherein the driving pattern data may be formed by arranging one value selected from a first value for turning on the segment and a second value for turning off the segment as many as the number of the segments and included in a signal transmitted to the electronic shelf label from the gateway.




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