Rückhaltevorrichtung für Ventilbetätigungsmechanismus

Retention device for valve actuating mechanism

Dispositif de retenue pour mécanisme d'actionnement de soupape


A retention device (10, 110, 210) to secure a finger follower (28) and lash adjuster (48) of a valve actuating mechanism (12) together includes a ring member (52, 152, 252) disposed in a groove (51) of a movable piston of the lash adjuster (48). The retention device (10, 110, 210) also includes a plurality of connecting members (54, 154, 254) formed from the finger follower (28) and extending axially below the ring member (52, 152, 252) and about a portion of the lash adjuster (48) to engage the ring member (52, 152, 252) in all operating positions of the valve actuating mechanism (12) as a result of the pivoting motion of the finger follower (28). A retention device (310) may eliminate the ring member (52, 152, 252) with the connection members (354) extending axially about a portion of the lash adjuster (48) and adapted to engage the groove (51).




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