Procédé de contrôle d'une éolienne s'appuyant sur l'identification des phénomènes météorologiques

Wind turbine control method based on recognition of meteorological patterns

Verfahren zur Steuerung des Betriebs einer Windturbine, basierend auf Erkennung meteorologischer Phänomene


The invention relates to a method to control the operation of a wind turbine. According to the method invented the operation of the wind turbine is controlled by a load control system, which uses either a sensitive mode or a normal mode for the control. The normal mode is prepared to keep a predefined first wind turbine operation as long as ambient influences, causing load changes on wind turbine components, are below predefined threshold values. The sensitive mode is prepared for a predefined second wind turbine operation, if the ambient influences, causing load changes on wind turbine components, are above predefined threshold values. An actual air pressure is measured at the wind turbine site. The actual air pressure is taken into account for activating the sensitive mode for the wind turbine operation.




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