Procédé pour couper des fils entourant des plantes dans un système de levage de fil de culture et appareil permettant d'appliquer ce procédé

A method to cut wires grown over with plants in a crop wire hoisting system and an apparatus for applying the method

Verfahren zum Schneiden von mit Pflanzen überwucherten Drähten in einem Erntedrahtunterbringungssystem und Vorrichtung zum Anwenden des Verfahrens


The present invention pertains to a method to cut multiple separate wires (20) that hang down from a support (10) in a crop wire hoisting system, which system comprises as the support a hoistable cable (10) that extends in essence horizontally and is suspended from a top framework (2) by being connected to multiple interdistant suspenders (5) that can be pulled in towards the top framework to allow hoisting of the cable, the multiple separate wires being connected to the cable between the first and second site and each grown over with a plant (21), the method comprising providing a pushing element (40) that pushes the cable in upwards direction, providing a cutting element (41) that has a fixed spatial relationship with regard the pushing element, moving the pushing element in conjunction with the cutting element along the cable while cutting the multiple separate wires, wherein the upwards movement of the cable by the pushing element is limited such that when the pushing element passes a suspender, the lowermost point of this suspender is at a vertical position above the cutting element. The invention also pertains to an apparatus for applying the said method.




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