Battery module and battery system using the same

Module de batterie et bloc-batterie comprenant le module de batterie

Batteriemodul und Batteriesystem


A battery module (300) according to the present invention has: a battery cell group comprised with multiple laminated lithium ion battery cells (313) being laminated; a case (302) for housing the battery cell group; and a connection member (303); in which the case is comprised of a first case part (302a) and a second case part (302b) with the first case part and the second case part mutually connected sandwiching the battery cell group, in which a first fixed part (304a) is provided in the first case part and a second fixed part (304b) is provided in the second fixed part, in which the connection member is fixed to the first fixed part and the second fixed part, and in which the battery module has a detection circuit for, when the connection member is ruptured, blocking the electric connection of the battery cell group.




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