High resolution solid state pressure sensor

Capteur de pression a l'etat solide haute resolution

Hochauflösender röhrenloser Drucksensor


The invention provides a method of configuring a pressure-sensing catheter having a proximal end portion, a distal end portion and a plurality of pressure sensors disposed between the proximal end portion and the distal end portion, the method comprising: positioning a biocompatible sheath (302) with at least a portion of the sheath over a portion of the catheter; encircling the distal end portion of the catheter with a sliding ring (304) having an opening extending therethrough, an undeformed inner diameter of the opening being about equal to or less than an outer diameter of the catheter; and moving the sliding member (304) relative to the catheter in a sliding motion toward the proximal end portion of the catheter, thereby reducing a size of pockets of gas between the sheath and one or more of the plurality of pressure sensors.




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