Controlling handovers in radio communication networks based on predictions of received signal strenght indicators (RSSI)

Steuerung des Weiterreichens in Funkkommunikationsnetzen basierend auf Vorrausschätzungen von Empfangssignalstärkenanzeigern (RSSI)

Contrôle de transfert dans des réseaux de communication radio à base de prédictions des indicateurs d'intensité d'un signal reçu (RSSI)


A method and mobile communications terminal for controlling handovers in WMANs, WLANs and between WMANs and WLANs, wherein the mobile communications terrminal being in communication with a first access point of a plurality of access points. The method comprises the steps of forecasting a radio signal parameter, RSSI, for a predetermined time period for each of the plurality of access points, comparing the forecast radio signal parameter, for each of the plurality of access points with a threshold value associated with each of the plurality of access points, and making a decision as to whether to connect from the first access point to a second access point of the plurality of access points.




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