Mousse de polypropylene renforcée par des fibres de verre

Fibre reinforced polypropylene foam

Glasfaserverstärkter Polypropylenschaumstoff


The present invention relates to a foamed polypropylene composition comprising a propylene homo- and/or copolymer and glass fibres, wherein (i) the composition has a density of 50 to 950 kg/m 3 , (ii) the tensile modulus tm (extrusion direction) measured according to ISO 527 in extrusion direction and the k-value measured according to ASTM C-177 satisfy the relation: tm extrusion direction MPa / k W / mK ≥ 9000 Mpa ⋅ mK / W , to the use of said composition for the production of an insulating layer and to an article comprising said composition.




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