Ostomy or incontinence pouch

Ostomie- oder Inkontinenzbeutel

Poche pour ostomie ou incontinence


An ostomy pouch (10) is defined by a front wall (12) and a rear wall (14) having a stoma aperture (18). One or more rupturable capsules (24) are carried on a carrier or intervening wall (44) welded to the front and rear walls at a common weld seam (16). When desired, a capsule (24) can be ruptured by squeezing, the pouch wall together at that position, to dispense the contents (for example, a deodorising agent, a disinfectant or a preservative). In one form, the carrier does not cover the stoma aperture. In another form, the contents are dispensed on the side facing the front wall (12), and the curtain (44) shields the stoma aperture (18), to prevent the agent spurting out or contacting the stoma. In another form, one or more rupturable capsules may be arranged on the front wall (12) or on the rear wall (14). A plurality of the capsules (24) may contain different agents if desired. In another form, one or more self-dissolving capsules, for example, of gelatine, may be introduced into the pouch to dispense the agent in response to environmental conditions (for example, temperature/humidity) within the pouch.




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