Plant holder

Support pour plantes



This invention relates to an improved plant holder for use in a garden for supporting plants and vines as they grow and mature. The plant holder comprises a plurality of identical posts (2) which may be driven into the ground by means of pointed ends (3). Each post has a plurality of hooks (4) in pairs at different heights along the post. Further, between the posts rods (5) are provided that clip into the hooks (4) to lie in a horizontal plane at each of the different levels of the hooks. Since the hooks are paired on either side of the posts at different levels then a pair of rods may also be found at the corresponding levels. Each pair of rods (5) is connected by C-clips (6) which snap over the rods. A plant (7), such as a tomato plant, may be supported by this structure by driving the posts (2) on either side of the plant, assembling the rods into the hooks on either sides of the plant stems, then applying the clips to secure the rods into position. Further, the clips are sufficiently spaced on the rods allowing a branch of the plant to be drawn through an opening in the clips for further support of the branches.




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