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US-458853-A: Dehorning implement patent, US-460193-A: Smelting-furnace patent, US-461215-A: carlstrom patent, US-461454-A: Steam-generator patent, US-461499-A: ernst patent, US-462741-A: Police-signal-telegraph system patent, US-464463-A: Crushing and pulverizing machine patent, US-466623-A: Hay-press patent, US-467832-A: Illuminating-tile patent, US-468176-A: Car construction patent, US-471268-A: Ore-conveyer and method of arranging ore thereon patent, US-471505-A: Apparatus for vaporizing and burning hydrocarbon oils patent, US-474848-A: Armature for electric motors patent, US-476192-A: Charles b patent, US-479252-A: Daniel donahue patent, US-47948-A: Improvement in the manufacture of silvered glassware patent, US-481069-A: Steam-generator patent, US-481426-A: Chuck patent, US-484915-A: E- norhis peters co patent, US-4850091-A: Method of replacing a machine part patent, US-486486-A: Feeder-lifter patent, US-488573-A: Churn patent, US-489345-A: Attachment for wall-paper-trimming machines patent, US-496905-A: Q ti qfjijt p-w patent, US-4977707-A: Device for external magnetic abrasive machining of cylindrical components patent, US-498508-A: Screen-door patent, US-500755-A: courtet patent, US-50244-A: Improved device for extracting stumps patent, US-503508-A: w walter patent, US-504202-A: Folding bed or cot patent, US-508054-A: soribner patent, US-508686-A: Speed-indicator for shafting patent, US-511056-A: Churn patent, US-512387-A: Reuben r patent, US-512894-A: Fuel-oil patent, US-514120-A: And frank m patent, US-514200-A: William painter patent, US-515254-A: Rheostat patent, US-518578-A: Furnace patent, US-521128-A: Vapor-stove patent, US-521277-A: Stop-motion for straight-knitting machines patent, US-521330-A: Pneumatic tire patent, US-524999-A: Railroad-tie patent, US-5254572-A: Method and composition for supplementing vitamin B6 where the PN-PLP pathway is disturbed patent, US-527752-A: Device for operating jail-cell doors patent, US-529245-A: Railway-switch patent, US-530649-A: Vehicle-spring patent, US-530923-A: Expansion-bit patent, US-531678-A: Ash chute or dump patent, US-531930-A: Refrigerator-car patent, US-533941-A: John a patent, US-535174-A: Powder-charger for blast-holes patent, US-536341-A: Buttons patent, US-537670-A: butler patent, US-53889-A: Improvement in watchmen s registers patent, US-541113-A: William mckendree jenne patent, US-54306-A: Improved water and wine cooler patent, US-543406-A: Henry s patent, US-546336-A: Lothar von koppen patent, US-546361-A: Pliers for trimming electric-arc lamps patent, US-547263-A: Cake-beater and batter-dropper patent, US-549454-A: Friction clutch patent, US-549673-A: Sliding-door fastener patent, US-550468-A: Ventilating means for electrical apparatus patent, US-552338-A: Victor thelin patent, US-557464-A: Sylvania patent, US-557880-A: Hannibal vt patent, US-561395-A: Electric locomotive patent, US-562435-A: John s patent, US-562577-A: William clasen patent, US-563882-A: Locking device patent, US-565441-A: Philip t patent, US-565544-A: Harrison keane patent, US-565562-A: Spool-holder patent, US-566302-A: Type-writing machine patent, US-569309-A: George b patent, US-570791-A: galloway patent, US-572844-A: Henry g patent, US-573538-A: rusden patent, US-575398-A: Apparatus for winding tires patent, US-575491-A: Metallic packing for piston-rods patent, US-575873-A: Smoke-consumer patent, US-577404-A: Bicycle-brake patent, US-2010178936-A1: Systems and methods for mobile phone location with digital distributed antenna systems patent, US-587313-A: Gas-stove patent, US-587798-A: de bauw patent, US-588573-A: Bicycle-alarm patent, US-58857-A: Improvement in street-washers patent, US-596272-A: Electric bicycle patent, US-5966016-A: Method for inspecting the elements of piping systems by electromagnetic waves patent, US-604039-A: Eugene godin patent, US-606252-A: Robert e patent, US-606472-A: Moetimee c patent, US-606631-A: James k patent, US-607371-A: Air-brake patent, US-609575-A: Island patent, US-610435-A: Fireproofing and deafening for fram e structu res patent, US-611780-A: Bicycle patent, US-611949-A: Chaeles g patent, US-612175-A: Multiple pipe-coil patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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